all in the family

it took me several years, and more than a few false starts to finally get into SAG. i almost got in in…2003?…via a volkswagen ad (i lost out when they cast the younger version of the character first, and the actor had blue eyes), then again a few years later as part of the super bowl pre game show for on fox (this time, i lost out when eugene levy made them cast his friend’s kid in the role). finally, i snuck in thanks to my outrageously nice hands. as a hand model. for directv. yep, if you saw a directv commercial in 2008 or 2009, that was my hand holding the remote and/or a smartphone.

luckily, for my 8 month-old daughter, eleanor, the wait will be much, much shorter. eleanor just booked a spot for blue cross/blue shield of michigan. her first audition ever. in fairness, all she had to do was be a baby, and not be crying or weird in the audition and callback, which she did. so now, she’ll get in. which seems totally fair.

on the plus side, i get to ride her tiny coattails to local (michigan) stardom as her “daddy” in the spot.

and on the other (possible) plus side, mommy and her big brother are on avail for the same spot. so this could be a palatucci family grand slam...